St. James the Elder, Apostle (July 25)

Last revised: July 19, 2004
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RCL: 1 Kings 19:9-18; Acts 11:27-12:3a; Mark 10:35-45

1 Kings 19:9-18


1. On the prophet Elijah, excerpt from an essay by James Alison entitled “Theology amidst the stones and dust,” now ch. 2 of Faith Beyond Resentment.


Mark 10:35-45


1. Paul Nuechterlein, “Holy Communion” from Contagion, Vol. 3, Spring 1996, pp. 201-221. The “Dispute Concerning Greatness” text from the synoptics plays a key role in the section entitled “Mimetic servanthood as remedy to mimetic rivalry.”

2. See Proper 24B for more on this text.

3. The notion of “ransom” in this text is often seen in terms of substitutionary atonement theory — a huge mistake from the perspective of mimetic theory. In my knowledge of the Girardian bibliography, I would say that the most frequent use of his work by theologians is in talking about atonement doctrines. See the webpage I’ve put together on “The Anthropology of René Girard and Traditional Doctrines of Atonement.”





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