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“Pledge Week” 1 in 2018 at girardianlectionary.net

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To all my readers around the world, this week I ask you to help girardianlectionary.net. From the beginning I made the decision to offer this ministry without requiring a subscription. We depend on donations averaging about $25. If everyone reading this gives $15, girardianlectionary.net can be kept fresh and updated. I will humbly ask your support in a “pledge week” three times a year. This site is possible because of your generosity.

Sincere thanks! Paul Nuechterlein

*If you’d like to learn more about how mimetic theory impacts the world around us, check out Discipleship Seminars in Mimetic Theory for information on scheduling a seminar.  

Note: If you get this popup more than once after April 2, allow cookies for this site. The popup is set to stop once cookies are in place. This is the 1st of 1 “pledge weeks” planned for 2018.
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