2022-23 Series on Revitalizing the Gospel Message

The following blogs/essays were written as newsletter columns in the hopes of persuading a traditional congregation that revitalizing our basic Gospel message is the best hope for congregations on the edge of survival — for revival during this age of seriously declining church participation. I have occasionally added brief excerpts from sermons given in proximity to writing the columns.

April 1, 2022: “Introducing Revitalization of the Gospel Message

May 1, 2022: “Revitalizing the Gospel and the Urgency of Reaching Young Adults

June 1, 2022: “Revitalizing the Gospel: Trusting the Power of Love

July 1, 2022: “Celebrating True Freedom

August 1, 2022: “The Revitalized Gospel: Lifelong Conversion from Human Culture to God’s Culture

September 1, 2022: “How to Interpret the Bible for a Revitalized Gospel Message

October 1, 2022: “Stewardship as a Keystone to a Revitalized Gospel Message

November 1, 2022: “Praying for God’s Reign and Voting in Its Light

December 1, 2022: “Incarnation as a Keystone to a Revitalized Gospel Message

January 1, 2023: “The Cost of Not Revitalizing Our Gospel Message

February 1, 2023: “At Stake with a Revitalized Gospel Message: The Power and Values of Empire vs. the Power and Values of God’s Reign

March 1, 2023: “Healing Us-vs-Them Thinking as a Keystone to a Revitalized Gospel Message

April 1, 2023: “Healing Us-vs-Them Thinking, Part 2

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