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Instructions: This site is indexed according to the Revised Common Lectionary, an assignment of Scripture readings to the various days of the church year calendar (e.g., the First Sunday in Advent). There are separate pages of reflections and sermons for most (though not yet all) church year dates.

Below is an itemized list for each particular Lesser Festival. Simply click in the appropriate titled box for either the reflection page or the sermon page. The titles are listed with their specific calendar dates.

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St. Thomas, Apostle (Dec. 21) The Nativity of St. John the Baptist (June 24)
St. Stephen, Deacon and Martyr (Dec. 26) Sermon St. Peter and St. Paul, Apostles (June 29)  Sermon
St. John, Apostle and Evangelist (Dec. 27) St. Mary Magdalene (July 22)
The Holy Innocents, Martyrs (Dec. 28) Sermon St. James the Elder, Apostle (July 25)
The Name of Jesus (January 1) Mary, Mother of Our Lord (August 15)
The Epiphany of Our Lord (January 6) Sermon
St. Bartholomew, Apostle (August 24)
The Confession of Peter (January 18) Holy Cross Day (September 14)
The Conversion of Paul (January 25) St. Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist (Sept. 21)
The Presentation of Our Lord (February 2) St. Michael and All Angels (Sept. 29)  Sermon
St. Mathias, Apostle (February 24) St. Luke, Evangelist (October 18)
Ash Wednesday  Sermon
St. Simon and St. Jude, Apostles (Oct. 28)
The Annunciation of Our Lord (March 25) Reformation Day (October 31)  Sermon
Holy Thursday  (Sermon) All Saints Day A (November 1) Sermon
Good Friday(Sermon) All Saints Day B (November 1)  Sermon
St. Mark, Evangelist (April 25) All Saints Day C (November 1)  Sermon
St. Philip and St. James, Apostles (May 1) Thanksgiving A  (Sermon)
The Ascension of Our Lord Thanksgiving B  (Sermon)
The Visitation (May 31) Thanksgiving C  (Sermon)
St. Barnabas, Apostle (June 11) St. Andrew, Apostle (November 30)


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