June 2-5, 2004

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Nature, Human Nature, and the Mimetic Theory

Theme: The theme of the conference will revolve around a critical approach to these two questions: How is human “nature” related to the “natural” world according to the mimetic theory? Can the mimetic theory contribute to the study and appreciation of religions for which nature is the manifestation of the sacred?

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The Annual Conference of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, 2004,
was underwritten in part by the McCune Charitable Foundation


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Rusty Palmer
Margaret Franke
Helen Hall
Jim Baird
David Douglas
Dean & Marianne Lewis
Lewis H. Johnston, Jr
Duncan Ragsdale
Mack Stirling
Owen Van Essen http://www.dirksvanessen.com/index.html
Don Wilson
Mary Ann Lundy
Richard Hutchinson

Students and Staff of St. John’s College
Joshua Davis
Dauphin Ewan
J. Eliot Smith
Aron Wall
David Starr

The Colloquium on Violence & Religion
Thomas Michael
Sandor Goodhart

COV&R 2004 Program Committee
Andrew McKenna
James Williams
Robert Daly
Gil Bailie

Ghost Ranch www.ghostranch.org
Jim Baird
Sue Rundstrom
Diane Hadden
Gary Salazar
Virgil Trujillo

McCune Foundation http://www.nmmccune.org/

Synod of the Southwest http://www.synodsouthwest.org/
Janet DeVries, Synod Executive

Al’s General Store - Pojoaque (505) 455-2531
Dong Chul (“Mike”) Lee

Good Books New Mexico – Rickie Sherrill http://www.goodbooksnewmexico.com/

Web Ways West webways@commspeed.net
Renee DeVries - Roeder

Institute for Regional Educationhttp://www.qatsi.org

Presbytery of Santa Fehttp://www.santafepresbytery.org/

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Richard Fallis
Elizabeth Ares
George & Jean Callaghan
Danna Larson
Doug & Cat Dearden
Pastor Britt Johnston
Thomas Burnett
Sarah Ringle

St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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